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APJ Kalam@Microsoft

Dr APJ Kalam was the 11th president of India, Chief scientist for Indian Space Research Organization and Father of the Indian Nuclear Bomb. He is also the son of a fisherman and grew up middle class.  He has a vision to transform India into a developed nation by 2020 – Vision 20/20.  Sadly he served only one term as president  – the political hacks back home replaced him with one of their own. [ Presidents don’t get elected in India – they are appointed by the ruling party and the party that had appointed him lost the general elections).  He is visiting Seattle and stopped at Microsoft to talk to Bill/Melinda and give a speech to employees. The text of the speech apart from the other speeches he gave are in his website.  He is doing some amazing work – really unleashing the power of software and technology to uplift rural India

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Talking about What will Gates do next?



What will Gates do next?

Jan. 6: Microsoft chairman Bill Gates presents a self-deprecating farewell video during his keynote address at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

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We went to Pike Place Market today and there was a russian catoonist who drew our caricature. He said he also made a drawing of Raj Kapoor in 1980 when he visited Russia. He sang Dost Dost Na Raha and said Shukriya when Arvind gave him additional tip.. Let us know if you liked the pic.
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Ellesburg Rodeo September 06

We went to Ellensburg Rodeo on Sunday September 3rd. We went there last year too and very excited about going there this year. The Rodeo had several competitive events Riding Broncos, Riding Bulls, Barrel Racing etc. There was also a Rodeo Clown who did an elvis impersonation. The parts we enjoyed a lot was the native american dances & crafts fair.
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Billy & Rachel Kamath

We got billy and rachel on monday july 17th 2006
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